20 or 40 minutes
Not included
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Min 1 - Max 30

USD $ 80.85USD $ 138.60

They operate with a propulsion system where the occupant can rise above the water. In an instant you will find yourself flying with the help of the water jets. With the assistance of our instructors you will learn to fly in only 5 minutes.

The Flyboard is connected to a WaveRunner by a hose that is regulated by the flight instructor.

The propulsion system is connected by a professional, once the appropriate speed is reached, the experience begins.

Total: 80.85
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Accompanied service

Sunscreen Aquatic shoes Towel Swimwear

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The Flyboard tour includes:

  • 20 0 40 minutes of activity, choose when purchasing the tour
  • Life jacket
  • Equipment
  • Instruction
  • Activity for people over 12 years old, weighing between 45 and 120 kg. and measuring between 1.20 m and 1.85 m (6 feet).
  • Payment of dock tax not included ($12 usd per person)

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