In times of pandemic many travelers prefer to travel by car or van because it is more economical and gives you more freedom of movement.

But in many cases, not all your luggage will fit and this can cause you to get a violation, because it puts your safety at risk.

In the Traffic Regulations for Highways and Bridges of Federal Jurisdiction, it is forbidden for vehicles to place large suitcases that obstruct visibility or distract the driver, especially between the door of the car and the left side. It should not be forgotten that any object that impedes the front visibility or the view to the front mirrors is also not allowed.

The Traffic Regulations state that the person behind the wheel cannot and should not carry, hold luggage, people or animals between his or her arms or legs.

In the event that any type of cargo does not go in the trunk or in the compartments designed for this purpose, the driver must pay a fine of 1,793 pesos for non-compliance with Article 38 of the Mexico City Traffic Regulations.

The Traffic Regulations for Highways and Bridges of Federal Jurisdiction establish that no type of luggage should endanger the physical integrity of persons or damage the property of third parties. In any situation that risks the stability to drive the car or hide the function of the lights, the driver will be subject to a fine of 5,377 Mexican pesos. In the same way, it is penalized if the suitcases fall while the car is in motion.

Now you know, if you don’t want a fine, take care of this information and have a safe and pleasant trip.