Many cellular companies have agreements and calls to other countries, but most take data usage as if it were roaming or long distance, which makes it very expensive to be able to navigate when you are outside your country.

The use of data or better known as mobile internet is nowadays super necessary and indispensable, but especially if you do not know the place where you are traveling. For example, if you rent a car you will probably ask google maps to guide you and accompany you on your vacation, not to mention your social networks like Facebook, Instagram or even Whats App.

The solution is very simple, buy a SIM in an Oxxo store, there are many here, so you can have a local number and internet for a period of 15 days, we recommend Telcel, it is the company that has the best coverage in the Mexican Caribbean, its cost is less than 20 dollars and the top up is 5 dollars and that’s it.