The beautiful island of Holbox has become the favorite place for vacationers, and this happens because from the moment you arrive you fall in love with its white sand streets where you can take off your shoes and walk at ease and quietly; this charming place does not allow the transit and use of cars, so people move on bicycles or golf carts.

Visitors know Isla Holbox as Eden, where many restaurants grow the food they cook; they even go fishing at 5 a.m. to have fresh fish of the day.

In this island several cultures and a delicious culinary combination come together, and for proof there is only a button to prove it; how about a lobster or eggplant pizza or a delicious shrimp burger, and the fish a la carving that is truly incredible.

At certain times of the year (June to December) you can appreciate the natural spectacle of marine Bioluminescence where the sea lights up when you touch it; just remember that it is only perceptible at night.

Visiting Isla Pasión next to Holbox allows you to observe diverse species of birds.

From March to September you can see many pink flamingos visiting the island, the most common being at Punta Cocos.

If you want to visit this beautiful island we recommend the Holbox Tour,and don’t forget to bring mosquito repellent.

In Holbox you can choose from a wide variety of lodging options and we have several recommendations for you, varying in price and comfort, but without a doubt staying in a cabana is an adventure you can’t pass up.